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7 Months Later

Oh Beans.

I'm not going to lie, I was caught up in all sorts of work and life events that I nearly forgot about this website, and that's not great considering how much it cost me to get this domain at the beginning of my freshman year. I think I still have a year left, so that's only like $70 I wasted 🥲.

First things first: I went on a summer trip to Florence! That was lovely, and I really can't sum up my experience in this post but I will most likely have a separate set of posts dedicated to my time there! (There were some monetary issues with that but I did pay it off in full.)

This is my 4th semester at Texas State; I ended up making my schedule in a way that benefits my work schedule in catering but maybe overpacked for school, because on the days I have classes I only gave myself 10 minutes in between each class to run across campus and make it on time, which has been a hassle. I've been managing it, all but one of my classes don't go past a B, but I don't want to make that mistake again come spring.

Rooming with one of my coworkers was also a little stressful, and though they're nice and probably fine to live with, I'm not sure if we're actually roommate compatible because they still keep contact with one person that hasn't had a good rep and keeps trying to get me to let her around the apartment when we agreed long before we decided to rent together that she would not be allowed into the apartment. They're not really talking now, so maybe the issue has been solved, but I'm still a little wary.

Finally, earlier this week I got word from my hometown that one of my ex boyfriends from high school was brutally beaten to death by a couple of kids tying to steal a pack of beer. My emotions are mixed when it comes to him personally, but I do feel horrid because he had a family and children and he was taken from them at a young age.

With all of that in mind, I may not actually have posts and new artwork uploaded until around the holidays, but I want to be more active during spring. Thank you for taking the time to read this and being patient with me; it means a lot.

Also, I got a new kitten! Her name's Biscuit.

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