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The Oven

Unfortunately, I didn't get to go home for the break 🥲. Although that did make me pretty sad, I was able to rest and recoup without the stress of travel.

I live in an apartment with roommates but when the cold front hit us, I had the craving for a nice fire. We don't have a fireplace. However, I lived pretty close to the park and I did have one thing I can use to make a little fire:

A clay candle holder.

So, I stuffed it full of thin paper, some herbs, salt, and good smelling oils and took it outside to the park.

I was hoping to have a cooked piece of claywork after the fire was done. Well..

I overstuffed it. 😐

The fire was nice, but it was very big compared to the little kiln I crafted. I also wasn't sure how air-dry clay would react to high heat, but I was slightly disappointed to see the clay start to burn as well.

Bits and pieces were starting to fall off, and I started to realize that with how big the fire was, I may cause emergency services to head towards the area. The smoke was very strong, too.

(Lucky for me, no one called the police 😭).

Once the fire had mostly died, I was left with a charred mess, with the steel boning peeking through the chipping clay.

I ended up tossing my creation in a dumpster, but once it had cooled down.

But, despite losing my little oven baby, I did get to enjoy a nice fire for Christmas as well as get some nice pictures for references.

Fire is very difficult to doodle without it looking cartoony, and the afterglow of the embers were nice to look at.

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